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Financial Counseling tor Couples – Make Yours an Enduring, Prosperous and Happy Marriage!

Financial Counselling for Couples: Sound Principles Lead to Peace of Mind

Is Money Really the Root of All Evil?

Or, is it possible that we sometimes just end up allowing our money problems to grow like an out of control weed? Whatever your perspective, everyone has the ability to properly manage their flow of income and outflow of expenses, by following a well-crafted plan. This is even more important when combining two personal and financial worlds, such as a personal relationship or marriage.
Financial counseling for couples is an effective tool to help reduce stress and minimize disputes that can sometimes arise from the pressure of budgeting and maintaining a household.
To help, we’ve assembled some useful considerations to get you started.

Income vs. Money Management

Money management is a necessary activity, no matter the level of your household’s income. Many people fall into the trap of assuming that their money problems are a result of the amount of their income; further putting off the use of tools and methods, thinking instead that they will earn their way out of the problem.
But, the ability to earn money does not necessarily translate into effective money management skills. Couples investing their time in learning how to make a financial plan have a much better chance of staying together longer. (A University study found that couples with weekly money disputes are 30% more likely to end up in divorce than those having similar disputes a few times a month).

Household Budgeting

First, you’ll need to understand where you are now; a financial snap-shot of sorts. Just as important as the numbers is how you feel about your financial situation and how much household unrest is caused by money. When we can remove all emotional ties to money, the task just becomes a task; simple in principle, but not always easy to follow with every day discipline. The good news is that there are many tools and practitioners to help ease the transition to becoming a master of managing money.

Software for Better Money Management

Most people let money flows manage them and remain reactive and ill prepared for unexpected emergencies. Everyone is capable of sound money management; they just need some help getting organized and maintaining an orderly process. Personal financial budget software is a great tool to keep you focused and your budget right on track. There are many free online budgeting software solutions to choose from. Choose a platform that includes:
An easy-to-use budgeting tool                   Flexible online version
Goal setting                                                     Debt management
Mortgage management                               Prepare "what-if” analyses
Personal cash flow statements                 Personal net worth statement
Once you start the process, you’ll immediately begin to feel relief. By taking control of your money, you’ll learn how to save money for your goals and begin to literally change your life. Within months of sticking to your new personalized budget plan, you will find that money is no longer a mystery and that it no longer manages you; you’re becoming a money master!

Money Management Coach

A money coach is like a professional money therapist. Especially useful for couples, a money coach brings both of you together, empowering you with better decisions and more effective money habits. You’ll resolve financial disputes quicker and with less stress.
With financial goal-setting software and money coaching, you’re on your way to peace of mind and money mastery!
Financial Counseling for Couples – Learn How Happy Couples Manage their Money Properly